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Virtual Vein Screening

VeinPIX allows your patients to perform a self-assessment from the comfort and privacy of their home. Your patients can now safely and securely send photos to your medical practice in a few easy steps!

VeinPix Was developed as an alternative for thousands of vein practices nationwide that have succumbed to offering “Free Vein Screenings” to compete with other vein practices in their service area.

Patients will benefit by using VeinPIX because they are able to complete a self-assessment questionnaire and upload photos directly to your practice with the click of a button. No longer required to come to your office or a health fair, VeinPIX accommodates the patient whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

Vein Practices will benefit by offering potential patients with venous disease a convenient way to communicate with your practice. VeinPIX is a professional way for vein practices to encourage patients to seek additional information to learn about available treatment options for their discomfort and pain in one or both legs.

VeinPix Program Overview

  • Patients benefit using VeinPIX by being able to submit their questions, along with a completed self-assessment questionnaire, including digital photos of their leg(s), from the comfort and privacy of work or their own home;
  • All questions on the self-assessment questionnaire will be customized to satisfy each practice’s clinical needs;
  • A vein practice using VeinPIX benefits by gaining additional exposure to patients with venous disease by offering the convenience of VeinPIX – thus increasing the # of monthly consultations and procedures;
  • VeinPIX was designed to be accessible to both patients and referral physicians in a variety of settings. VeinPIX is desktop, tablet, and mobile device friendly;
  • The patient’s leg photos and self-assessment questionnaire are sent directly and securely to VSA’s HIPAA compliant and encrypted server. Your practice will then be notified by VSA that the data has been received on our server and you can log into our server to obtain the patient’s name and contact information, as well as the patient’s self-assessment questionnaire and photos.
  • VeinPIX is an annual subscription program that is available on an exclusive basis within 15 miles of your office location(s).